FIFA World Cup 2022: Rules football fans should know before visiting Qatar | Qatar’s rules for fans and visitors explained- Alcohol, Drugs, and Clothing.

What are the Qatar World Cup rules for fans and visitors? No alcohol will be sold in the stadiums, but there will be beer stands around the venues, fans can buy beer only three hours before the start of the match, and one hour after it ends but fans cannot drink alcohol in any public place.
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Qatar FIFA World Cup, Keep in mind these laws

Fifa World Cup 2022: The fans who have come to enjoy the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will have to pay attention to many things. Because Qatar is an Islamic country, there are many restrictions. In such a situation, one mistake can force you to be jailed.

What are the new rules in Qatar 2022?

Fifa world cup 2022 Dos And Donts: The FIFA World Cup is being played in Qatar this time. This tournament lasts for 29 days and will start on November 20. Football fans from all over the world are reaching Qatar to watch and enjoy this FIFA World Cup. But this FIFA World Cup will not be like other World Cups because it is being organized in Qatar, it is being an Islamic country, and there are many restrictions. So let us tell you what all the fans going to Qatar during the FIFA World Cup have to keep in mind and what punishment can be given to those who do not follow the rules here.

Does everyone need a Hayya card?

Hayya Card

If you want to enter Qatar, a Hayya card is essential. Hayya card is a kind of ID card. Through this card, you can move anywhere in Qatar. Those with this card can go to Qatar and its stadiums and travel free on metros and buses on match days. With this card, there is no need for a visa to enter Qatar.

How many days can stay in Qatar with Hayya Card?

Children should also have a Hayya Card. Hayya Card holders can stay in Qatar till January 23. It takes 3 to 5 days to make this card. For this Hayya Card, one has to register by visiting the official website of FIFA. During registration, people must fill in their details, including their stay in Qatar, emergency contacts, etc.

Can fans drink alcohol in Qatar?

Qatar is an Islamic country, and like other Islamic countries, some rules and regulations are considered drinking alcohol. Some rules regarding alcohol have been made for football lovers coming here from all over the world. In Europe, it is common for fans to have a glass of beer during a football match, but they will not be able to do so in Qatar.

Is alcohol allowed in Qatar during World Cup 2022?

For the FIFA World Cup, the government of Qatar has set some alcohol rules. Organizers said alcohol is served in licensed restaurants and many hotels across the country and will also be available in fan zones at certain times. But fans cannot drink alcohol in any public place.

Will Qatar 2022 serve alcohol?

At the same time, fans can buy beer only three hours before the start of the match and one hour after it ends. At the same time, fans will be banned from drinking alcohol during the match. In such a situation, if someone tries to break this rule, they can get severe punishment.

What should I wear to Qatar World Cup?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 National rules that fans must know
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Some restrictions regarding clothing have been implemented in Qatar for both men and women. Here women cannot wear clothes that expose the body. If someone tries to break this rule, they can get severe punishment. for wearing such clothes. Women here have to keep their bodies completely covered from shoulder to knee.

Apart from this, women will not be able to wear tight-fitting clothes. She cannot even wear clothes above the knee, both men and women. They have to wear clothes that cover the legs completely. In Qatar, if visitors are found violating the rules regarding dress, they can also be jailed.

Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Qatar?

Only married couples can stay in hotels together in Qatar. Hotel rooms will not be given to unmarried couples. Sharia Islamic law is applicable in Qatar. Sex before marriage is also a crime in Qatar. In such a situation, the fans coming to watch the Football World Cup must take care of these things.

Homosexuality is a crime.

Homosexuality is a crime in Qatar. It is illegal in Qatar. Foreign nationals can also be jailed for seven years for such offenses. When the FIFA World Cup was hosted, some players expressed concern about gay fans.

Although the organizers had said there is no problem with homosexuality, recently, FIFA World Ambassador Khalid Salman said in a statement that homosexuality is a mental illness and Qatar’s law will apply to all those who come here. In such a situation, gay football fans must take care of these things.