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Free Keyword Research Process

Keywords If you want to keyword research process using free tools and how to find low competition keywords. Before doing keyword research you must first select the niche of your website. Once you have finalized your niche, now it’s time to find low-competition keywords for your website. Although some people use a paid keyword tool calledahrefs. But since not all of you will be able to afford the expensive tool, so you can use its free alternative. Which is equally good, and it’s called “ubersuggest

So, let’s start to find the right profitable keywords for the website.



How to find Keywords

So, the average selling price of a washing machine is somewhere than let’s find it out to actual price so, open Amazon and go for the washing machine you will find the average price is somewhere close to around Rs 13,000, So we will add the average price to around Rs.13,000. For your target keyword which is the “best washing machine in India”. So, the best part about this strategy is all you have to do is click here on “view all” and this will give you the list of all the various keywords for which this article is ranking and also along with the position with it for this particular keyword, which is the most popular keyword in the washing machine segment, which has a volume of 14,800 this article is ranking number two.

Finding and optimizing keywords for website


Find the best washing machine, number three, then click on “Export to CSV” and you’ll be able to download the complete list of all the keywords for which this article is ranking, and primarily in research try to optimize the website for just the top 20 keywords. Because that alone is more than enough for- Google to understand what the article is about and the rest of the keywords are automatically ranked. So, the article about the best washing machine in India, find the first ranking article, put it on Ubersuggest, and take the top 20 keywords and optimize articles around those keywords, and that is more than enough that is the simple process. Don’t make the keyword process too complicated. using the same strategy for affiliate websites and you will really successful with this strategy.

So, let’s do it for some other keyword as well go for some other category go for “best mobile phone under 10,000” go to the first result, copy the URL paste it on google you can see that there are multiple options as well you can see the keyword ideas, you can also see the backlinks, we are searching for this particular article the best mobile phones under Rs 10,000. You can see that it is running good traffic, find all the keywords for this particular article because it is already ranking number one. Just click on “view all” to find all the keywords for which it is ranking and this gives you all the keywords for which it is ranking.


Best budget smartphone, best budget phone, etc So these are all the keywords for which it is ranking and similarly you can check the other articles for which this website is ranking as well, like best phones under Rs 15,000, etc. The best particular strategy for finding the right keywords all you have to do is export the keywords and then optimize your article along with these keywords. And also, you can go to the keyword ideas and find like, “best mobiles” in India.  And this will give you a lot of ideas regarding the best mobiles the best part about this particular keyword insider is that it will give you the search difficulty of how difficult it is for you to rank your article on the number one position on Google.

it’s not really too easy to rank because it’s a very complicated term because the traffic volume is really high, the competition is also really high. Similarly, the best mobiles under 10,000. A very high search volume and the competition is also high SEO difficulty, this is also a great way to find related keywords there’s no other complicated technique that you need to know to find the right keywords. All you have to do is use this free tool called Ubersuggest and either you can put URL of your competitor in the search bar and find all its keywords and export it or you can write the keyword yourself and find the ideas along with the search engine difficulty as well. Because one thing that you have to keep in mind is that the keyword is not the only thing that matters. But the competition level is also what you have to look for. If the competition of the keyword is high or low, like you can see for this particular article the best mobile phones in India for July 2019, this article is driving a lot of visitors per month.



This article must be making a lot of money from Amazon affiliate account you can see the keywords for which it is a ranking, best mobile, best mobile phones. And also, the SEO difficulty like how difficult it is to rank number one for this keyword like for best mobile the SEO difficulty is really high, so anything more than 35 or 40 will be difficult for a single man army if you yourself are doing the SEO, writing the articles and everything. It will be difficult for you to rank number one.

Common Mistakes while selecting keywords

The first mistake that people make is that they select keywords with the high competition just because the search volume is really high. So, if you go for a keyword like let’s say “best mobiles”, the competition is comparatively a little higher. Like best mobiles in the 15,000 the search volume is a little higher but then again look at the backlinks of this particular website has who is ranking number one. If you are a single person who doesn’t have a team, you will be doing the SEO yourself, creating 31 backlinks will be difficult. It looks easy, but it’s difficult especially in 2020 when creating backlinks is very hard. This is why the niche very important Because if you are single-handedly building the website, targeting a high competition niche will be extremely difficult for you because You don’t have the resources. And in the end, you will end up losing money. So make sure you go for the low competition or a medium competition niche and similarly look for the low competition and medium competition keywords so that you’ll be able to scale the website to such a level that you are making good money.

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