The Oldest Universities in the USA | The Oldest University in America 

University of Louisville

It was Established in 1798 Location: Louisville, Kentucky, The Louisville Collegiate Institute was eventually changed to the University of Louisville, which inherited the estate of Jefferson Seminary.


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University of South Carolina-Beaufort

It was Established in 1797 Location: Bluffton, the University of South Carolina-Beaufort is a small college with just over 2,000 student


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The University of Tennessee

It was Established in 1797 Location: Bluffton, The University of Tennessee was founded two years before Tennessee even became an official U.S. state


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Georgetown University

It was Established in 1789 Location: Washington, D.C. The University of Georgetown is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit college in the country. U.S


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Castleton University

It was Established in 1787 Location: Castleton, Vermont, Castleton is a small university in Vermont that emphasizes undergraduate liberal arts and professional studies, and also offers graduate programs. 


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University of Pittsburgh

It was Established in 1787 Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The University of Pittsburgh was known as Pittsburgh Academy and was an actual log cabin that acted as a prep school.


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Rutgers University

It was Established in 1766 Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey, In 1766, Rutgers was charted as an all-male school and was known as Queen's College.


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Columbia University

It was Established in 1754 Location: New York City, New York, It was renamed Columbia in 1784 after the American Revolution, and is the oldest college in New York.Columbia University was called King's College


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University of Pennsylvania

It was Established in 1740 Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, In 1740, Penn was founded with a slightly different idea in mind: Evangelist George Whitefield wanted to build a Philadelphia charity school.


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Harvard University

It was Established in 1636, in Cambridge, Massachusett, and it is the first official college in the United States. Harvard is widely considered to be the most prestigious school in the country


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