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How to Make Yourself Cry and Feel Better

Why crying is important? Men, women, boys, girls, and individuals of all ages have all experienced the act of shedding tears. Human beings cry to alleviate stress, despair, disappointment, longing, and a multitude of other profound emotions they encounter. People also cry when they are overcome with happiness. Unfortunately, certain individuals may struggle to cry due to having undergone intense emotional experiences that have depleted their tears.

Can you force yourself to cry? Make Yourself Cry? Are you really feeling stuffy inside but you cannot let the tears fall out of your eyes? crying is the best way to manage sadness. crying you may feel better and good to let yourself express the feelings you have. Everybody is crying once in their lives. Crying is not just a shame, if you are sad, then you’re sad If you feel you will need to burst into tears, do cry as much as you want to make yourself feel much better.

What Happens If You Never Cry?

As emotional beings, it is only natural for humans to have moments where they shed tears. However, did you know that crying can have various health benefits? It is crucial to open our hearts and minds to the idea that crying, even in public, can signify a range of positive attributes. Many individuals feel ashamed of crying or discussing their tears, but it is essential for them to allow themselves to cry

Crying can serve as a testament to one’s emotional connectedness and the willingness to confront their feelings. Whether tears are shed due to sadness, frustration, anger, or even happiness, crying can act as a powerful release. Instead of suppressing these emotions, crying provides an outlet and demonstrates a lack of fear towards societal expectations.

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The Power of Crying

How to Make yourself Cry

Most people would rather hold back their tears or release them in private rather than allow others to see them in such a vulnerable and emotional state. But what you may not know is that crying is actually something that can represent a lot of positive things, here are some facts about what happens if you cry a lot and how this can reflect your personality as well as how it can affect your health although many people are ashamed to cry or speak about crying, they need to cry.

A few famous people known to proudly share their tears former UFC champion Ronda Rousey shared that there were definitely fights where she had cried the day before and even after other people such as former presidents George Washington Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama have been known to shed a tear even if it’s public so what’s the truth then is crying a sign of weakness or could it actually be a representation of power psychologists are saying that people who cry a lot are actually showing a sign of strong mental capabilities.

Benefits of Crying

Crying can actually show that you are connected to your feelings and it makes you confront them whether they are tears of sadness frustration anger or even happiness crying can be a great release rather than suppressing those feelings it can also show that you aren’t afraid to go against social expectations crying is usually seen as a form of weakness for men and women are seen as overly dramatic and aren’t taken seriously if a woman were to cry despite if you’re the first to express your emotions during a trying time it may encourage others to open up about their feelings. Is it bad to make yourself cry?

Crying is a great stress reliever and it’s a good way to let go of emotions, it’s not healthy to keep things bottled up inside as it can become self-destructive. It can also feel good to cry because when you do the body releases a set of endorphins crying also reduces stress by releasing toxins through the tears.

However, those who did shed tears experienced a sense of sadness followed by eventual happiness. The act of crying provided a long-term sense of improvement due to the emotional release it allowed. These tears are commonly referred to as emotional tears.

11 ways to make yourself cry fast

Crying can serve as a therapeutic practice for individuals. Once tears are shed, one can find solace and a renewed sense of emotional well-being.

How to Make Yourself Cry to Relieve Anxiety If you would like to release your tears to turn out, here are the best 11 ways to make yourself cry to release stress. You can look at one of the best 11 ways to cry easily.  Here are the 11 easy ways to cry you can follow and make yourself cry easily. In this article, you may find the answers to these questions, How can I make myself cry better?

Recall a sad moment in your past life

The first best way to cry yourself is to recall sad memories in your life Attempt to recall the moments in your life to come out of your emotions that are gloomy at first glance. It may be debilitating but remembering moments that are depressed has become the way of just making yourself cry faster or maybe trying to recall the moments when you’re now being separated from your near and dear. But be careful this method may be negative for your own health.

Open your Eyes continuously don’t blink

The human eye is blinked to provide eye lubricant so they are not dried up. if you are opening your eyes wide without blinking is to push the eyes to do their job to moisten themselves using the tears. By purposefully keeping one’s eyes open without blinking, the eyes are compelled to produce tears for lubrication. This may cause a slight burning sensation, but it can induce tears without sadness.

Chopping Onions

Sometimes if you have chopping onions and after that, you find you are crying, Yes if you would like to make yourself cry, you may attempt to chop onions. Chopping onions is a common method to elicit tears. The enzyme released from onions triggers the production of tears in the eyes. This method can quickly bring about tears. This method will make you cry instantly.

Eye Drops

If you need to have tears falling down immediately, you definitely can try out this method.  This really may be the quickest way to make yourself cry. Applying eye drops is the fastest way to induce tears. The drops stimulate excessive tear production, resulting in immediate tears upon movement.

Use of the Menthol

Menthol is sometimes quite considered the described method when you need to cry. Menthol can be an effective method to evoke tears. The compounds in menthol can facilitate crying. Applying a menthol stick or menthol under the eyes can prompt tears to flow.

Gently rub on the eyes

How do you cry for 10 seconds? Massaging the eyes for a few seconds can stimulate tear production to protect the eyes from irritation. This method allows for the release of tears without causing harm, but it should be executed with caution.


Yawning is among those techniques to produce tears.  Several muscles around your eyes will soon likely be sharpened Whenever you’re yawning. Yawning can trigger the production of tears. The muscles surrounding the eyes are stimulated during a yawn, promoting tear flow. This technique is especially useful when feeling bored and in need of a cathartic release.

Listen to Sad Music

Another method How do I make myself cry automatically? Listening to melancholic music can evoke emotions that lead to tears. Creating a playlist of sad songs and immersing oneself in the ambiance can facilitate the desired emotional response. Closing one’s eyes while listening intensifies the experience and aids in the release of tears.


Is it okay to cry for yourself? Imagining a sad dialogue might allow one to cry out your heart. Imagining a sorrowful conversation can elicit tears. Creating an imaginary scenario and engaging in a dialogue that evokes sadness can help one shed tears. This method requires some acting skills to genuinely feel the emotion and induce tears.

Watch your favorite sad movie

This is the best way to make yourself cry, Watching a beloved sad movie is a quick and effective way to induce tears. The emotional scenes can evoke a sense of sadness, prompting tears to flow naturally.

Read Your favorite Sad Book

This method is useful when you like to read books. Just simply reading something sad story that can make you cry. For book enthusiasts, reading a poignant story can bring about tears. Engaging with emotional narratives allows for the release of pent-up emotions. Provoking one’s emotions through literature facilitates a deeper understanding of these emotions and can easily induce tears.

These are the best 11 ways to cry yourself or advice about the best way to cry yourself. These techniques provide various ways to evoke tears for those seeking emotional release. Which approach would you like to try? May you find solace in your tears!

Pro Tips for how to make yourself stop crying

  • void staring directly at the sun, especially during peak hours, as it emits harmful radiation that can damage your vision.
  • If using tear sticks or other substances to induce tears, ensure they do not come into direct contact with your eyes, as this can cause harm to your vision.
  • Be cautious not to excessively irritate your eyes, as this may result in damage if not handled carefully.

The Science Behind Crying

When they Cry? Behind the act of crying lies a scientific explanation. Tears are composed of various substances, including water, salts, and stress hormones. Suppressing emotions can have detrimental effects on mental health. Crying and emotional expression are essential for maintaining emotional balance and well-being. By allowing ourselves to cry when needed, we prevent emotional “burstiness” and promote healthier coping mechanisms.


Crying is a natural and vital aspect of human emotional expression. When you genuinely need to cry, it’s essential to find ways to stimulate the release of tears for emotional catharsis and overall well-being. By embracing vulnerability, exploring different triggers, and allowing yourself to feel and express emotions, you can experience the benefits of crying firsthand.

FAQs – How to Make Yourself Cry

Q: How to make yourself cry?

A: You can make yourself cry by trying various methods, such as recalling sad memories, watching emotional movies, listening to sad music, or engaging in deep reflection.

Q: How to make yourself cry on command?

A: Making yourself cry on command requires tapping into your emotional reservoir. Practice emotional visualization or use acting techniques to evoke tears when needed.

Q: How to make yourself cry in 5 seconds?

A: While it may not be feasible to cry in just five seconds, you can create a conducive environment for emotional release. Try thinking of something genuinely emotional or watch a brief heartbreaking clip to trigger tears.

Q: How to make yourself cry when you can’t?

A: If you find it difficult to cry, consider exploring different emotional triggers, such as expressive writing, seeking empathy from others, or watching heart-wrenching stories.

Q: How to make yourself cry to relieve stress?

A: Crying can be a natural way to release pent-up stress and emotions. Engage in activities like watching emotional movies or seeking emotional release through writing to relieve stress.

Q: How to make yourself cry?

A: As an actor, you can draw upon personal experiences or use emotional memory to portray realistic emotions and cry during a performance.

Q: How to make yourself cry fast?

A: If you need to cry quickly, try recalling a sad moment or listen to sad music to prompt emotional tears.

Q: How to make yourself cry for acting?

A: Actors often use various techniques like emotional recall, sense memory, or connecting with the character’s emotions to make themselves cry convincingly during a scene.

Q: How to make yourself cry instantly?

A: While crying instantly may not always be possible, practicing emotional visualization or engaging with powerful emotional stimuli can facilitate quicker emotional release.

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