How to Make Yourself Cry | Best 11 Ways To Make Yourself Cry Quickly


Crying Benefits

Make Yourself Cry? Are you really feeling stuffy inside but you cannot create the tears fall out the eyes? crying is the best way to manage sadness. crying you may feel better and good to let yourself express the feeling in you. Everybody is cry once in their lives. Crying is not just a shame, if you are sad, then you’re sad If you feel you will need to burst into tears, do it cry as much as you want to make your feel much better.

Why would like people crying?  Man, women, boys, girls, children, everybody else cries at least once in their life.  Humans cry to relieve their stress, despair, disappointment, yearn, and also any other feelings that are profound they’ve.  Whenever they are feeling happy Sometimes humans cry. Sometimes, many peoples cannot cry because they moved within their life through extreme emotions, so their tears dried up.

What Happens If You Never Cry?

As emotional creatures, humans are bound to have a few good cries in their life, however, did you know that there are some health benefits to crying so open your hearts and open your minds but if you’re going to do it in public it can be seen as a sign of weakness.

Most people would rather hold back their tears or release them in a private rather than allowing others to see them at such a vulnerable and emotional state. But what you may not know is that crying is actually something that can represent a lot of positive things, here are some facts about what happens if you cry a lot and how this can reflect your personality as well as how it can affect your health although many people are ashamed to cry or speak about crying, they need to cry.

A few famous people known to proudly share their tears former UFC champion Ronda Rousey’s shared that there were definitely fights where she had cried the day before and even after other people such as former presidents George Washington Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama have been known to shed a tear even if it’s public so what’s the truth then is crying a sign of weakness or could it actually be a representation of power psychologists are saying that people who cry a lot are actually showing a sign of strong mental capabilities.

Crying is Powerful

crying can actually show that you are connected to your feelings and it makes you confront them whether they are tears of sadness frustration anger or even happiness crying can be a great release rather than suppressing those feelings it can also show that you aren’t afraid to go against social expectations crying is usually seen as a form of weakness for men and women are seen as overly dramatic and aren’t taken seriously if a woman were to cry despite if you’re the first to express your emotions during a trying time it may encourage others to open up about their feelings.

Crying is a great stress reliever and it’s a good way to let go of emotions, it’s not healthy to keep things bottled up inside as it can become self-destructive. It can also feel good to cry because when you do the body releases a set of endorphins crying also reduces stress by releasing toxins through the tears.

A study was done in which a group of people was shown a setoff sad films the people who didn’t cry during movie reported no changes in their modes but the people who did cry experienced sadness and then eventually happiness the ones who cried felt better in the long run because of this emotional release these tears are named emotional tears

Best 11 ways to make yourself cry fast

Crying could possibly be good therapy for humans after that you will soon, you’re feeling better, cry out from your heart after that, happiness can come.

How to Make Yourself Cry to Relieve Anxiety if you would like to release your tears to turn out, here are the best 11 ways to make yourself cry to release stress. You can look at one of the best 11 ways to cry easily.  Here would be the 11 easy ways to cry you can follow and make yourself cry easily.

Recall a sad moments of your past life

The first best way to cry yourself is to recall sad memories in your life Attempt to recall the moments in your life to come out your emotions that is gloomy ahead up at first glance. It may be debilitating but remembering moments that are depressed have become the way about just make yourself cry faster or maybe try to recall the moments when you’re now being separate from your near and dear. But be careful this method may be negative for your own health.

Open Eyes continuously don’t blink

The human eye is blink to provide the eye lubricant so they are not dried up. if you are opening your eyes wide without blinking is to push the eyes to do its job to moisten itself using the tears. As you try to push the eye to not blinking for a long you may surely feel a tiny burning. This method is useful if you want to cry without being sad.

Chopping Onions

Sometimes if you have chopping onions and after that, you found you are crying, Yes if you would like to make yourself cry, you may attempt to chop onions. As you know when cutting the onions the enzyme which is being released from onion and due to this a human eye to produce a great number of tears could be triggered by this enzyme. This method will make yourself cry instantly. 

Eye Drops

If you need to have tears falling down immediately, you definitely can try out this method.  This really may be the quickest way to make yourself cry.  Put of eye drops and allow it to perform its own works.  It’ll excite the eyes to create an excessive number of tears and that you move, you’ll have tears very quickly. 

Use of the Menthol

Menthol is sometimes quite considered the described method when you need to cry. Compounds on the menthol may allow us to cry.  All you have to do is always to place menthol stick or menthol under your eyes and easily tears will turn out from the eyes and cry when you need to.

Gently rub on the eyes

By massaging the eyes, it is going to make a certain amount of tears to protect the eye from scrapes.  There will be tears, after rubbing on the eyes for a few seconds to make yourself cry and that means you won’t hurt your eyes, but please try this method carefully.


Yawning is among those techniques to produce tears.  Several muscles around your eyes will soon likely probably be sharpened Whenever you’re yawning.  It’ll push parts which comprise the tears onto your own eye be producing and immediately hammering. You could work out this method if you’re bored and things that will make you cry.

Listen to Sad Music

Another method on how to make yourself cry is by listening to sad music. As you are trying to create a sad music playlist and make your surroundings as you are. Music that will make you cry when you need to cry. This can help one feel the emotion that is miserable faster. Closing your eyes while listening to the sad music that is fantastic helps to make yourself cry.


Imagining a sad dialogue might allow one to cry out your heart.  Try to create a sad conversation and create an Imagining picture to own a dialogue. This method needs to acting capability to generate a feeling of sadness, then you’ll cry that you have written things to make you sad & cry.

Watch your favorite sad movie

This is the best way to make your self cry, also this is a quick method to yourself cry instantly simply by watching a favorite sad movie.  It could be an additional means. You’ll feel sad later watching the sad scene and cry yourself.

Read your favorite sad book

This method is useful when you are like to read books. Just simply by reading something sad story that can make yourself cry.  Reading can allow one to release the emotions inside it. Provoking your emotion can allow you to comprehend the emotion better and easy ways to cry.

These are the best 11 ways to cry yourself or advice about the best way to cry yourself.  Which the that you want to take to?  Whatever desire to cry, we wish you!

Pro Tips

  • Never explore the sun to attempt to get your eyes during most hours of the afternoon that the sun emits enough radiation to mess up your vision.
  • In case you’re using a tear stick or another substance to deliver tears, do not let it get in your eyes, it might hurt your own vision.
  • Do not overly irritate your eyes. You might damage them if you aren’t careful.